a+b Annalisa Dominoni Benedetto Quaquaro


the logo as an aesthetic means of generating identity

front, liveries, interiors: we designed the new trains for the Milan underground line using the logo as an aesthetic means of generating the ATM’s identity.

when studying the graphic skin for the liveries of the various carriages we wanted to focus on the simplicity of the design language to create greater visibility near the openings: in addition to injecting aesthetic quality, the symbol is an important visual reference for a more effective means of communication as regards usage, people, and how incoming trains are perceived.

the doors are highlighted by primary graphic signs, which, at the same time, are powerful and highly striking, so that they can easily be seen when the underground platforms are congested or overcrowded.

the interior seats feature a wave-shaped design created by means of one single monochromatic surface with a shiny finish, which enhances the perception of the seamless space between the carriages of the train.