a+b Annalisa Dominoni Benedetto Quaquaro


simulating missions to the moon and mars

in the biggest european space research centre in the netherlands, ESTEC, the european space research and technology centre, we are working on creating new simulators capable of reproducing as authentically as possible the living and working conditions in the confined environments of future missions to the moon and mars.

one of our main interests is designing simulators that may also be used as living units or self-sufficient mobile laboratories in areas badly damaged by natural disasters - floods, fires, earthquakes and tsunamis - to provide first aid workers with a protected environment.

space design, as an extreme environment, allows us to think about human conditions in minimal environments - in terms of space and renewable resources, which are completely deprived of natural light and privacy - and then transfer any design experience acquired into wider fields of application.

transferring ideas and solutions from one sector to another results in radical innovations. for this reason we like to design in different contexts and on different scales: “leaping” from a project for a household appliance to a project for a set of trains provides us with spin-ins and spin-offs in both directions, which help us come up with brand-new solutions.