a+b Annalisa Dominoni Benedetto Quaquaro


multi-purpose and surprising

more than a multipurpose object, scalo is something which, like lots of us, has two sides to it.

it is usually a wooden block with no handles or bits sticking out, with just two small openings in the sides that reveal a brightly coloured inner world.

those familiar with it from this perspective can use it as a side table or chair, made more comfortable by a felt pad or padded cushion.

in order to gain access to its second nature, as stainless steel stop needs to be removed from the side, a manoeuvre that allows it to open up and rotate to take on a new configuration.

this allows scalo to reveal its new identity as a colourful ladder (or small bookcase).

as if it were some magical key unlocking alternative kinds of usage, inserting the stop in the back of the object turns it into a solid object that can be moved around.

the designer and manufacturer have opted for traditional technology to embellish the object through the noble structure of bent plywood that reveals itself along the sides and on the steps inside.

its reticent nature, there are no signs of any hinges etc. when it is closed, called for some very sophisticated development work turning it into a simple yet sophisticated “character”.