a+b Annalisa Dominoni Benedetto Quaquaro


ceramica between past and future

The tower is the most powerful sign man can leave on the landscape, the kind that, down the years, has stimulated structural know-how to the point of being indicated in various writings as the means chosen by the Babylonians to challenge the heavens with tragic

Watchtower, landmark, princess’s prison, target of sieges or battles between civilisations.

The main means of representing local identity around which villages used to be built, a silent feature of fictional post-atomic landscapes, an embodiment of great technical expertise and powerful visual symbols.

The tower is the concept we have chosen to work on, in order to overcome the dualism between our conflicting natures: the past and future, which, each in their own way, are looking for their own space within our poetics.

The aim is to use forms and signs belonging to the post-future deriving from a passion for spaceships and asteroids, using one of man’s most ancient means of expression: terracotta.

Working with Tullio Mazzotti, in a house bursting with tradition where the futurist years of our probing into space and speed have left their mark, was a logical and necessary choice.

Vase made of rough terracotta finished in beeswax with enamelled details.