a+b Annalisa Dominoni Benedetto Quaquaro


MARCO POLO space mission, ASI

i was the principal investigator in the design and spatial configuration of the VEST project, a scientific experiment carried out on board the ISS international space station by the astronaut roberto vittori as part of the marco polo space mission coordinated by the italian space agency, ASI.

the project introduced new shapes and styles based on neutral posture, NBP, to make clothing more comfortable to wear, bearing in mind the physiological and proprioceptive changes that the human body undergoes in micro-gravitational conditions.

it also involved the creation of clothing accessories that act as “prostheses” helping astronauts move around or keep still while carrying out various on-board operations, and new fabrics made from antibacterial and thermo-regulating yarns and fibres designed for confined environments and micro-gravitational conditions,

as well as sensors incorporated in items of clothing for monitoring astronauts’ bio-medical parameters without interfering with their work, causing as little disturbance as possible.