a+b Annalisa Dominoni Benedetto Quaquaro


we have brought wineries and schools together

a tradition for winemaking is something italy and france have in common.

wine is culture, tradition, ritual.

it is a sign of an identity that emerges while respecting tradition, it is language, it is ceremony.

its real strength lies in the act of remembering and of grasping some definite root as a means of expressing a certain “terroir” with its own history, climate, inhabitants, houses and local products.

in order to promote both italian and french winemaking culture, along with the land in which they are rooted, we got both italian and french design schools involved, all chosen due to the peculiar nature of neighbouring winemaking districts.

the schools swapped wineries and the students work in close collaboration with the owners of the winemaking companies and with the history and distinctive traits of each individual location, in order to carry out research and develop a seamless product/service that will ultimately lead to the creation of events and correlated products.